The Bay State Guitar Company is also currently offering three models of current or "modern" style acoustic gutars. The current line of instruments reflect what we believe Bay State would have been building if they had continued in existence right up to the present day. These are very modern instruments both in looks and build quality and are extremely lightweight compared to other modern designs. All instruments pictured on this page are basic models with solid Sitka or Adirondack Spruce tops and solid Indian Rosewood back and sides with the modern style headstock; slotted headstock is optional. Bay State uses the old-style nitro-cellulose finish, its' thickness is about 3 mils - very, very, thin to allow the instrument to sing! Many other wood combinations are possible as well as other decoration, both plain and more elaborate. An important brand new option available is the new Bay State SoundRing®. Customization is our specialty! Alll models are pre-drilled for the installation of an acoustic pickup. If you are looking for this type of instrument take a look at the Millenium, the Tremont and the Somerville. Just click on the instrument's name or photo for more information about it. For complete specifications of all three models click here.

Millenium -Tremont -Somerville


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